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Has it ever occur to you that your company has now already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep its information safe and now, what lies in between all that technology and the information it is trying to protect is you. Yes, you; the human resource personnel, the receptionist,  the IT tech guy, the finance manager, the hard working executive. Suddenly, you are now the link that connects information security to the technology that keeps it secure.   How are you expected to take on this burden when you have no idea what to secure, and how to secure it? Aren’t you simply the uninformed, untrained and unaware employee that has a fully day of work, datelines and KPIs to meet, meetings to attend to and lunches to go for? Well, the painful truth is – yes. As an employee, you are a key factor to the security posture of your organization. You can help keep your company safe. 95% of cyber attacks today originate from phishing emails, which target you; the employee. This attack vector leverages your sense of urgency, fear, curiosity and guilt.  You don’t have to be a tech wiz to help your organization fight cyber crime. Simply keep a look out for phishing emails and you already doing your part as a cyber defender. How? Well, thats easy. Here are some tips to get you going:

  1. Avoid emails from an unknown sender. Delete it, or report it as spam. Typically opening an email itself will not cause any malware to be downloaded to your machine. It is the links and attachments in those emails that make those evil things happen.
  2. Do not be tempted by emails that have an immediate call for action. Cyber criminals trick you into clicking on links, downloading attachments and providing personal information by pushing your guilt, urgency, fear and curiosity buttons.
  3. If an offer is too good to be true, then it typically is. Ask yourself why is that offer being made to you. What is in it for that person on the other side?

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The COO of Cyber Intelligence Sdn Bhd with 10 years of experience in IT Operations, Stakeholder Management, Client Management, Incident Management and Request Management.

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