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Lately, I have been getting many inquiries on what are we really about?  Raise your glasses, here is a quick introduction.

Security Elevate is a product of Cyber Intelligence Sdn Bhd. We are advocating Information Security through the elevation of awareness and change of behavior in people.

We are working to change the perception that people are considered as liabilities when it comes to the security of your information. Imagine giving your people the ability to detect, report, and protect themselves against information security threats. Wouldn’t these folks be your biggest assets against cyber criminals? That’s what Security Elevate aims to do.

So, you might think, “How big of a problem is it with my people?”  The fact of the matter is that 91% of cyber-attacks are initiated through phishing. We’re seeing phishing attacks, more and more as an attack vector. The main reason is it’s easy; it’s often times the easiest way to get into a company’s systems as it targets people’s emotions, instead of vulnerabilities in systems. RSA and Symantec are big names in information security but they themselves were victims of cyber-attacks. Why? Because the attack vector of choice was phishing. Technology is evolving greatly, but no technology vendor will ever be able to guarantee you 100% security, or even say that their solution can prevent a breach. With Security Elevate’s behavior assessment – we are focusing on Phishing Simulations.  Some of our clients have seen their susceptibility towards phishing drop by 70% after signing up with us.

Besides phishing, we need to elevate the awareness of people on other security aspects, such as physical security, staying safe on social media, creating strong passwords, safe online behavior, etc. Security Elevate’s awareness training is offered via a cloud platform, where we are able to provide bite-sized training on a certain topic every 90 days. In between this time, we will reinforce learning by providing polymorphic training material, for example: a video, quiz, poster and info graphic reiterating the same information security message.  We will help you to conduct a baseline assessment before kicking off an information security awareness campaign. The reports from this solution are powerful.  It allows a very clear and concise measurement of the security posture of your employees  throughout the campaign. It tells you how you started off, and how well you ended.

Securityelevate.com tells you about all we have to offer. If you are interested, you can sign up right away for a phishing demo or a free trial account for our awareness training.


The COO of Cyber Intelligence Sdn Bhd with 10 years of experience in IT Operations, Stakeholder Management, Client Management, Incident Management and Request Management.

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