Security Elevate

Our Information Security Awareness Service is purpose-built around our unique training platform to provide an interactive and engaging experience to truly educate users. Our research backed methodology provides the key in delivering comprehensive Security Awareness Training right where it is needed the most. We provide various Interactive training modules to raise awareness within your organization and to help your employees make the right decisions when they are facing security threats.

About Cyber Intelligence

Cyber Intelligence Sdn. Bhd or “CI” is a leading MSC Status company in Malaysia specialising in the human layer cyber security awareness and behaviour management solutions, and capacity building programmes.  Fully operational since 2010, CI has achieved great heights in the cyber security security field. Our extensive experience and excellent track record in cyber security consulting and services make us a trusted source for clients looking to improve their security posture and remain resilient in an increasingly unpredictable threat landscape and competitive global economy. 

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Podcast with BFM Radio

Listen to our Founder, Sivanathan Subramaniam as he discusses with BFM Radio on information security awareness and behaviour management